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Beginning in 1997, originally directed to the industrial oil service Venezuelan market, Epsilon was born essentially as a company oriented to the Steel construction, oil facilities maintenance and oil tanks construction. By the end of 2002, in the middle of one of the biggest economical crisis on the Venezuelan Oil company and always thinking in support our government and it main company PDVSA, Epsilon CEO realized the necessity of high quality products, technical and technological support and take a decision, to start the Epsilon´s.
Sales division supported by the understanding of the local oil industries and the knowledge of the oil facilities around our country quickly we found international partners interested in the Venezuelan Oil business and we could been part of the starting, updating and maintenance of the PDVSA´s facilities what nowadays make us one of the most trusted companies to our customers and to our international partners.

EPSILON, offers to the Venezuelan industries the opportunity to introduce new products and engineering solutions by representing some of the biggest companies in the world keeping as a main goal been part of the development, infrastructure and technological updating of the fourth biggest oil company around the world better known as PDVSA.
Those international manufactures have trusted their products in our company and with their support we have had the opportunity of represent Offer, promote and commercialize their products giving as a result the introduction of those products on the everyday Venezuelan oil market.